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 Title: T.E.S.S.A: The Toxin
Author: Dru and friends.
Rating: Right now PG
Reviews: Please!
T.E.S.S.A: The Toxin
Shadow and I quickly ascended to where CJ stood. “We have to go.” Although, it was painfully obvious with alarms blaring in the background. CJ nodded and started grabbing the equipment and tossing it down the building to Shadow who had gone over the side of the building to load the van. That’s one of the things I love ‘bout CJ. No questions asked when on a mission. Though, when not, that’s another story.
As they packed the van, I took a look over the side of the hole in the ceiling, “Meet you at headquarters Ace. Don’t let yourself be followed!” All I got was a grunt in reply. Shaking my head I assured myself that the genius will get home undetected if not a little bruised and scratched. Taking a running start I threw myself off the one story building onto the top of the van. Tapping the top to tell them I was ready, the vehicle started to move as I slipped in. We didn’t look back.
My name’s Skye. I’m 16 and I work for a top secret organization. We call ourselves T.E.S.S.A or Team for Extra Special Services and Assignments. This team is my family. Let me introduce them. We have Shadow, or Calliope but noone calls her that except me. And it’s only when I’m angry. She’s Callie in public, she’s like my sister. We’ve been on more missions together than we can count on both of our hands and toes. We’re close and always will be. 
Then we have CJ. Just CJ. We met her in grade school. We weren’t T.E.S.S.A when we met her. She was in drama. She was good. I guess. I took a year of it and we became friends. I introduced her to Callie (at that point we were already into the whole spy and espionage business). Eventually, she just started coming with us on jobs. It wasn’t planned or anything. She would just show up as we were about to leave, help us pack, and drove while I was on navigation duty. We didn’t argue because, truthfully, we needed the help. 
And last and, in no way, least, is Layna or, as we have affectionately dubbed her, Ace Bandage. Ace because, hello, she’s a genius. Bandage, well, let’s just say she can’t walk across a flat surface without finding something to trip on. But you really don’t want to fight her. Not even Shadow and I would risk our lives going against her when someone had stolen her favorite chain. No, we, the ones with more experience than those two combined, will hide with no qualms in the bathroom with CJ while she calms down. Wondering why? Because she is beast with her very sharp and very pointy Samurai sword and knives and when she’s upset we tend to have to buy new furniture after. She started coming with us a few weeks after CJ. 
Now, don’t deceive yourselves into believing that we just let anyone in. When we realized that CJ would be coming with us, Callie and I did an extensive background check and while we were doing that we caught a look at her GPA. I felt dumb after seeing it. Layna we met at a sparring club. I don’t think I should tell you that story. Gruesome is just one word I would use for it.
So that’s my family. We live together in a house with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. It has a spacious living room that is overlooked by the kitchen a half-floor up which has a small dinner table with four chairs in it. We mainly use the breakfast counter and stools. Callie and I had made enough money before they joined for a mansion in Beverly Hills but we put the money in an offshore account. We only used it if we felt like splurging. Callie and I had lived in a two bedroom studio. We moved when the others moved in and it got cramped. We had saved enough money that we bought our new house in a nice neighborhood that had enough space between houses that you couldn’t really see what was going on and the lawns were huge. Our home has a really long driveway and a really big basement where we keep the computers and weapons. We also have a 52 inch t.v. and Blu-ray player. We live a fairly good life. Our biggest problem is Social Services.
Social Services is something Callie and I have been avoiding since we were 13 and our parents died. We didn’t want to go into the system so we took off. Eventually we started training for different martial arts techniques and were approached for a job when we got our black belts in two months. We had a lot of time on our hands. (Insert flash back of job) When word got around that we would do nearly anything for money, we got a major boost in jobs. But we had standards and morales. Our employers had to follow them or face the imminent threat of an anonymous call to the police with their address and activities. They would never find us anyway. One, we would never hurt children. Kidnap them, yes, hurt them, never. That also applied to the innocent bystanders and family members that had no idea what their husband, wife, sister or brother or whatever was into. Two, we didn’t team up. It was just Callie and me. Noone else. Three, they never saw our faces. For all they knew we were some grown men with girl names who never stopped going and were never found. 
So, back to Social Services. When we got the money and were between jobs, we would enroll into a school with fake papers and fake names. We still needed our education.
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 T.E.S.S.A (A.K.A. Team for Extra Special Services and Assignments) 
ChristinaCJ -Equipment Coordinator/Manager, Short sword and Long Bow. Quiet, keeps team organized and together. Mysterious about name. Co-Leader/Founder. CJ.

AlyssaShadow Ninja - Carry-out team, Co-Leader/Founder, 2 Katanas and GlockCallie (Calliope Katarina Elms)

DruAssassin Marc - Carry-out team, Silenced .22 and throwing knives(hidden), a knife specially made for her. Wears boy clothing and uses Jujitsu. Can’t stand cheerleaders. Co-Leader/Founder Skye Allison Eyre.

LaurenAce Bandage -Genius but clumsy, Carry-out team, Samurai sword and Double Daggers. Wears black and has bandaged arms. Also wears chokers and chains (chains as weapons or off the job). Co-Leader/Founder Layna Xavier

Matt- Mac -Techy, Computer. Hates to be called techy. Met when Ace tries to escape mission gone wrong. Takes job because of unrequited love and needed to transfer money around and erase paper trails. Takes care of cameras and alarms. Lt. Dan Macrel

Bryce- Shotgun- Driver and resident ex-criminal, Automatic Shotgun w/extended mag, Automatic Pistol, and Throwing knives.Phantom’s boyfriend. Met trying to steal high-end car. Offered job. Takes it. Live or die. James Herring

MichellePhantom- Infiltrator, and code-getter. Her epic mind and blending skills. Shotgun’s girlfriend. Can blend in, quiet and secretive. Never says much but is smart and always there when needed. Gets codes to help us break in. Offered job when skills are found out and bf takes job. Missy

Bold- Name of RL person
Underlined- Name of Fictional Characters (really should have “public” names)
Italicized- Favorite Weapon
Red- “Public” name

Yes. This is a collaboration. And yes, based on real people.
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Title: She Knew
Rating: G
Disclaimer: So not mine.
Summary: Rachel knew a lot about Quinn Fabray.

Rachel stared across the cafeteria at Quinn. She knew that here, at school, they couldn’t talk, touch or even look at each other. She knew, also, that Quinn’s bitchiness was all for show. She knew that when they get home tonight, Quinn will do all in her power to make Rachel forget the words she has said. And Rachel knew she would enjoy every minute.
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Title:Elemental Proportions
Author: Dru
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: These characters are based on real people who are my friends.
Reviews: Love it!


“Stop fighting!” Tia yelled, her voice shaking, frost leaving with the words.

Bryce froze, arm raised, fire dancing on the end of his fingertips. Natalie stilled her sway, the downpour lessening. They both looked over at the small group standing near the small island in their kitchen. Nick and Patrick had a visible shiver traveling their bodies, the ice cold seeping from Tia dropping the temperature 30° degrees. Patrick looked at Bryce, rubbing his arms, “Put the fire away, man. Natalie has had enough.” Drue turned to Natalie, sending peaceful dreams to dance around the upset girl, “Will you stop the rain? Alex is finding it hard to breath.” The boy looked like he was choking, the earth that he controlled finding it hard to absorb all the unexpected water.

Natalie took a deep breath, nodded, threw one more glare at the fire lord and fled upstairs. The sound of a door slamming resounding through the house.

Bryce finally lowered his arm and the flame disappeared. He turned to the group looking only slightly ashamed, “Sorry. But she stole my stuff! I told her not to touch it.” He grumbled some more, the group tactfully ignoring the words.

Alex, after getting his breath back, said, “We don’t care. Next time just take it outside. Please.”

Nick, seeming to start a warm breeze that surrounded the group, added, “At least out there we and everything in the house won’t get soaked or burned.”

Patrick picked up his forgotten drink and sighed mournfully, “Damn. It’s warm and all watered down.” The Irish sorcerer glared at Bryce before pouring it down the sink.

Drue, manipulator of Dreams, looked at the disgruntled group. She shook her head before stating, “I’m going upstairs to talk to Natalie.” As she went upstairs she murmured, “Hope she hasn’t flooded our rooms again.” At that thought she started running.

“Whatever,” Tia replied dismissively, “Everyone continue on with whatever the heck you were doing.” She put her hand around her drink, cooling it down. She then shuffled out huffing about immature sixteen year olds.
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Anger Signs

Big anger, small words
Small anger, big words
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Title: Baby Blues
Fandom: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Pairing: Sarah/Cameron
Disclaimer: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is not mine. Fox owns it, unfortunately.
Summary: Sarah and Cameron get a pleasant surprise.
Authors Note: This is my first fic and it’s completely un-betaed. Any and all comments are welcome except for downright negative. Don’t mind if you give me some pointers though.

“It’s a girl! Congratulations,” the bubbly nurse said, putting away the equipment used for the sonogram. “It’s a healthy girl. Everything seems fine.” With a smile she held out a black and white photo, “Would you like the picture?”

A slender hand reached in a gently took it away the nurse and stared at it. “John wanted a brother.” The simple statement held no anger or disappointment. It only held the barest hint of wonder. Cameron glanced at Sarah with awe shining through her bright blue eyes. It wasn’t often that the cyborg showed emotion, even when she had learned to emulate it. But it seemed she was losing the battle between her robotic self and her human side.

Sarah stared, stunned, at the teen age girl. She, Sarah Conner, was pregnant? Again? She slowly smiled at her partner. “I know,” was all she said. She had done it. She and Cameron hadn’t meant to become pregnant. But she guessed that’s what happens when you have a one night stand with your ex-fiancé when trying to forget said cyborg.

The nurse cleaned off Sarah’s stomach and went to help her stand, Cameron beat her to it. “Well, let me just go get your paperwork and you can be on your way.” Noticing she wasn’t being heard, she silently left the room.

Cameron stood with a hand on her girlfriend’s stomach, “We are going to have to be cautious. You are going to have to eat healthily...”

“I do eat healthily,” Sarah cut her off.

Cameron fixed her with a blank stare, her equivalent of a doubtful look, “And no more guns,” she said with finality.

Sarah’s mouth dropped open but the terminator stood with rigid awareness, daring her to fight it. Sarah sighed, “Fine.” Cameron barely smiled, but smiled nonetheless.

The nurse came back in with all her paperwork, “We expect you back in 4 weeks for your seventh month checkup.”

Sarah nodded and took the paperwork. “See you then.” As she and Cameron left the office, her cell rang.
“Hello,” she asked typing in her 3-digit code.

Responding with his own, John’s voiced drifted over the phone, “We may have a problem.”

Sarah snapped into warrior mode, “What is it?” Listening to his answer, she rattled off instructions and snapped the phone closed. She turned to her partner, but Cameron was all ready.

“Back to the real world.”


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